Ice Melt, Tree Ranges and Netherlands’ Food Production

It’s a quiet time of year for plants. It’s a time for lots of short plant topics. We call them “dibbles and bits” here at Plant Exchange.

Winter doesn’t keep us from thinking about what’s good for plants– ice melt, for example. Want to find out what Dr. John Ball says about which ice melts are better for grass and other plants along the driveway or street?


This link to a past Plant Exchange topic in the Yankton Press & Dakotan newspaper may help when looking for “plant friendly” ice melts, with other shorts:

Another question that comes to mind is: What’s the reliability that a certain kind of tree will always be found in a certain region? For example, will icon evergreen Black Hills spruce trees always be found where presidents’ faces are carved in native stone, in its current range of western South Dakota? See one tree range study and other shorts at:

We hope you have found topics of interest. Please note that you can find subjects below the list of current posts in the right column.

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