Selecting Trees Includes More than Tree Diversity

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We look for trees that appeal to us and try to select ones that fit the growing zone, soil conditions and the space they need to grow. We try to choose a diversity of trees. That’s a lot to think about in selecting trees. We have seen changing landscapes due to tree pests and diseases and wonder what can be done to avoid as many as possible in our tree selection. We want beautiful but also healthy and sustainable trees.

Dr. John Ball, South Dakota forester and professor at South Dakota State University has extensive background in trees of this region and a world view of trees that best fit the Northern Plains. His presentation at the South Dakota Master Gardener Update gave food for thought in tree selection.

The Norway maple is a beautiful tree for all seasons in this region that is adaptable to growing conditions here. Maples are found on three northern continents—Asia, Europe and North America. However, trees that are found in more regions have a greater chance of having a maple-related pest or disease.



See more about factors in addition to tree adaptation and diversity in Dr. Ball’s presentation at this link:

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