Garden Bloggers Bloom Day–January 15th

Welcome to the January 15th Garden Bloggers Bloom Day at Plant Exchange Blog. Here in South Dakota, the outdoor temperature is -1 degree Fahrenheit now and is not expected to reach Zero today. Indoors, we’re toasty warm and have several plants in bloom to show you.

Christmas cactus began to bloom a couple of weeks ago. It is kept in a room lower than average room temperature with indirect light until blossoms appear, and then is moved into an area with more light and warmth. The Christmas cactus has flat, segmented stems and makes a friendly gift to share with others. A section of stem can be easily rooted in potting soil to start a new plant. Christmas cacti are long-lived plants. This one is from a segment about 14 years ago. The friend who gave it to us said her plant was over sixty years old.


Camellias continue to bloom, a few blooms at a time since November. See a recent post about potted camellias and their care.



African violets are easy-care plants that grow well in indirect light away from drafty windows. This is the second cluster of blooms in a year.


Poinsettias have lasted well since December and the cheery red adorns the hearth until Valentine’s Day.


On the deck, we keep several of last season’s potted grasses for winter interest. These grasses don’t survive in containers with exposure to freezes and thaws, but we enjoy the winter grass movement that draws us outward.


Thanks for your visit to Plant Exchange Blog. Do come back. If you’re ready to see what’s in bloom in Indiana and around the United States and in other countries at this time, go to Carol Michael’s May Dreams Gardens’ post for January 15th. At the end of her post you will see a list of garden bloggers waiting to show you blooms!


2 thoughts on “Garden Bloggers Bloom Day–January 15th

  1. I was wondering what someone in S Dakota was going to show for blooms. Bravo. I am lovin that blooming christmas cactus. It is a beauty. Reminds me of the one I had for years and all of a sudden it died for no particular reason that I could determine. I haven’t had one since. Happy GBBD.

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