AAS Recommends Plants for Containers

Welcome to Plant Exchange Blog. We’re thinking about plants for next season.

Plant containers are a versatile way to grow flowers and vegetables outdoors. Containers can be moved to the sunny or shade location in season to fit plant needs. Containers of plants can be placed on a deck, away from bunnies and deer. Containers are convenient for salad harvest by the back door. Containers nearby allow for harvest of produce that ripens daily in season, such as grape tomatoes or pickling cucumbers.

Not all plants grow well in containers. Preferred are plants that can be transplanted into a container or will germinate and grow from seed there. Plants need to be sturdy and self-supported or be aided with a trellis. Plants need to be able to grow among other kinds of plants. Plants that maintain an attractive appearance over the season are preferred.

These are special requirements that not all plants have. Growers do supply information on plants and seed suitable for use as container plant in some seed catalogs.

All-America Selections organization (AAS) publishes results of container performance and beauty in their locally judged trials around the United States. They have listing of plants for previous years at their website: www.all-americaselections.org The current listing of container suitable plants includes the following, with photos provided by All-America Selections. The site tells where to find these plants or seeds:

Canna: ‘South Pacific Orange Red F1’


Tomato, Cocktail: ‘Red Racer F1’


Pole Bean:   Seychelles


Dianthus Interspecific ‘Supra Pink F1’


Pea,’ Patio Pride’ is said to grow well in early spring and late fall; a double season!

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