Thinking Spring

Been thinking. What worked well last season to consider trying again?

Some of the early annuals and perennials from last year that are memorable here at Plant Exchange were surprises.

Daffodils surprise me every year. Out of brown soil and winter decay comes their bright faces.


Annual pansies usually perform well in a lingering cool, moist spring or fall. Weather here can be a bit more unpredictable and dry, but these pansies grew well into June last year.


Peonies are always transient moments of beauty.


Perennial Brunnera is a deer-resistant plant that flourishes a year or so after it is established. Grown for its foliage, its blooms were exceptional last spring.


Third year coreopsis filled its raised bed garden last spring. It bloomed long in May and re-bloomed all summer after trimming spent blooms.


What are your plant surprises from last spring that make you want to plant them again or grow more of them?




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