Garden Bloggers Bloom Day Feb 15th

Welcome to Garden Bloggers Bloom Day at Plant Exchange Blog! February 15th in South Dakota is snowy outside.  We have several inches of snow cover that protect the plants, and about half of the air temperatures are above freezing for the next week.  Still winter. Indoor plants are inviting this time of year.

Violets are in bloom. Plants that bloom at times other than summer are so welcome now.


Begonia is in bloom. Dainty pink/white flowers are secondary to this foliage plant.


Variety in shapes and colors of foliage in houseplants creates interest just as having plants that bloom indoors. This trusty Boston fern was a gift from a friend and has been divided many times to stay somewhat centrally compact.


Fiddle head ficus was transplanted six months ago and adapted well to indirect light and even temperature indoors.


Schefflera is a common houseplant standby, requiring only moderate light and low maintenance. This one has lime leaves that contrast with other deep green plants in the room.


Spider plant is also a common easy-care houseplant. It has a moment in the shower each week of winter, when indoor humidity is lower. That tip came from a friend. Leaf shape, color and texture variety add interest to that part of the room. Sometimes some of these houseplants are grouped, just as one might cluster container plants outdoors as a focal point. Plants for blooms and plants for foliage help us personalize our homes.


Thanks for visiting Plant Exchange. Lots of gardeners have contributed ideas here. We hope you visit our weekly blog again soon!

If you are ready to see what other garden bloggers have in bloom across the United States and in other countries, then May Dreams Gardens in Indianapolis, Indiana is your next stop. There Carol will show you her garden and then at the end of her February 15th post, please note the list of garden bloggers waiting to see you. This is her blog:





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