Favorite Begonia Houseplant

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A plant needs to stand out from others to be a favorite here at Plant Exchange. This Begonia acetosa has shiny green leaves with red undersides. Besides the unique appearance, it flourishes with minimal care, preferring dry soil and minimal routine watering. It grows slowly and the leaves are larger in reduced, indirect light. Lots of homes lack plant light requirements, especially in winter, but it’s not a problem for this plant.


This plant was a gift from a friend who has many admirable qualities. It’s easy to associate the person and the plant. This begonia adds texture when grouped with other plants. Another positive quality of the plant is an occasional diminutive flower a seen here.


The article that tells more about Begonia acetosa may be found at this link to the Yankton Press & Dakotan where it was published.


Do you have houseplants that are favorites?


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