Regional Plant-Related Event

Loess Hills Wild Ones

Join us at 2 p.m. on Sunday, March 11, at the Sioux City Public Library (529 Pierce St, Sioux City) for a special pre-recorded presentation on gardening for pollinators by Benjamin Vogt, owner of the prairie garden design firm Monarch Gardens LLC and columnist at In this slide-show talk, Benjamin takes us through some of the best native plants for pollinators and covers a few key issues when it comes to creating the best habitat for insects year round. To learn more about Benjamin’s writing, online classes, and book, please visit

In this video presentation, we’ll discover over 80 forbs, grasses, and sedges that support adult and larval insects from pollinators to beneficial bugs, spring to fall. We’ll also explore a few low-maintenance, sustainable design tips to welcome even more wildlife. Award-winning author, speaker, and designer Benjamin Vogt takes us on a sixty-minute journey to inspire and invigorate our natural landscapes. We can make a difference for wildlife!

We’ll also review information and photos of the plants you can order through our 2018 Native Plant Sale. An early bird discount applies to orders received and paid for by March 19. Visit to download an order form, browse photos of the offerings at our Facebook page, and bring questions to ask on Sunday.
Loess Hills Wild Ones
Healing the Earth one yard at a time.

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