Garden Bloggers Bloom Day– March 15th

Welcome to Garden Bloggers Bloom Day! On the 15th of each month, garden bloggers share what’s in bloom where we live.

Here at Plant Exchange in South Dakota, USDA 4b – 5a, some snow from last week remains on the ground, along with partially melted snow drifts and piles. Spring will soon be here, but not yet.

Indoors, a Kalanchoe is in bloom. As a houseplant, they’re often purchased in full bloom, but don’t re-bloom unless receiving low amount of light for several weeks. This one is blooming as it would naturally in tropical Africa or Madagascar where it is found naturally. Each bloom period lasts weeks. It also blooms in October. Forms of the succulent may 20 ft. in height.


Kalanchoe was described in 1793 and is cultivated as an ornamental houseplant or for outdoors in USDA Zone 8 and higher. A relative is the air plant.

This succulent is easy care. After it is watered, the potting soil should be dry before the plant is watered again. During the growing season, an occasional fertilizer is recommended. The plant was selected as one of the first to be used in space. In 1971, the Kalanchoe was sent to the Soviet Salyut 1 Space Station.

Kalanchoe may be propagated from 3 inch cuttings of vegetative stem. Pruning the angiosperm, reinvigorates and re-shapes leggy stems.

Kalanchoe is said to have immunosuppressive effects on grazing cattle. Its properties have been used to treat hypertension and inflammation. Some forms have insecticidal properties.

As you can tell, this little houseplant has made impact here. Thanks for indulging us by reading! We invite you look around at topics and posts at Plant Exchange. We hope you visit again.

Now, if you’ve seen all that Plant Exchange has to offer, it’s time to visit other garden bloggers as they share their blooms. Next stop is Carol Michel in Indianapolis, Indiana at May Dreams Gardens. Go to her March 15th post, read it and at the bottom of the post will be all the other garden blogs waiting to share their blooms for you. Here’s her link:


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