Want to Start Seeds Indoors?

It’s early spring in our USDA Zone 4 – 5a region in the Northern Plains. Temperatures have fluctuated and slowed spring transition so far. The local nurseryman says spring is about two weeks behind normal at this time.

Luckily, indoors, we can start seeds and have them ready to plant in the garden when the danger of frost is past.  For this region, mid-May to Memorial Day is a common time to plant the garden and flowerbeds.

Now there is time to start a range of plants that require 6 to 8 weeks to emerge and reach transplant stage. Few materials are needed if you decide to grow flowers or vegetables. Seed packet with important growing information, potting soil and containers to hold soil, artificial light, spray bottle to mist the soil surface as plants germinate and grow are the basics.


These gomphrena flowers require longer to grow to transplant so they were started weeks ago. Garden vegetable transplants such as tomatoes and peppers and many flowers can be grown from seed now.


If you think you might like to try starting seeds indoors for the garden, here’s an article with information on when and how to do it.


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One thought on “Want to Start Seeds Indoors?

  1. Many people who move here from other regions seem to believe that seed ‘should’ be started indoors. I would start some inside, just to protect them from snails and such, but it really is not necessary. Our vegetables are already going strong now. We seem to have misplaced our winter. It should have lingered a bit longer.

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