Regional Plant-Related Event

Loess Hills Wild Ones

Sioux City, Iowa area

May 12
Loess Hills Wild Ones will meet at 10 a.m. on May 12 at the Fowler Forest Preserve to celebrate Iowa Wildflower Month. Member Dawn Snyder, Woodbury County Conservation Education Programs Director, will lead a walk along the trail to show us the diversity of woodland wildflowers in their natural habitat. Fowler Forest is known for its display of spring ephemerals. Wear sturdy walking shoes. Please bring your own lunch and join us for a picnic following the walk!

Fowler Forest is located 1/2 mile west of Smithland on Hwy 141. The walk is sponsored by Woodbury County Conservation, Loess Hills Wild Ones, and the Iowa Native Plant Society. For more information, please call 712-258-0838. Visit the Woodbury County Parks page for a map of the preserve. If you’re interested in carpooling from Sioux City, please let us know by May 5 to make arrangements.

June 1-3
The Loess Hills Prairie Seminar‘s outdoor sessions at the Loess Hills Wildlife Management Area northeast of Onawa, offered on Saturday and on Sunday morning, allow participants to see many native plants in both prairie and woodland. Evening programs at West Monona High School in Onawa on Friday and Saturday feature speakers on a wide range of topics related to natural history. LHWO will likely have an exhibit among the other very informative exhibits at the high school.

July 7
Road trip! Join LHWO on a field trip to tour member Becky Leach’s gardens in Aurelia and visit The Prairie Flower, a native plant nursery near Spencer. Carpooling will be organized one week before the tour; let us know by June 30 if you’d like to ride along. Reserve your lunch (at The Prairie Flower) by June 30, too. Lunch is $10 for members and $15 for non-members.

Becky has been adding natives to her landscape for 14 years. She still has “ornamental perennials” in other gardens but finds their finicky nature less appealing as the years go by. Her front yard faces due south and gets ferocious winds. The only plants truly thriving out front are natives.

An hour north of Aurelia is The Prairie Flower, a native seed and plant nursery just west of Spencer, owned by Bev and Dwight Rutter. They provide local ecotype native prairie and wetland plants and seeds, as well as native cultivar seed, and pasture and hay seed. Their services include tree planting, seeding, ecological consulting and planning, providing tours of their plantings and natural areas, and hosting events in addition to their bed and breakfast.

The Prairie Flower is situated on a square mile along the Little Sioux River. Don’t worry about the having to walk it all; we will be pulled along seated on a large wagon. We’ll enjoy Bev’s home cooking indoors.

Tentatively, we will start the day 8:30 a.m. and return to Sioux City by 5 pm. Further details will be shared as they are known.



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