Garden Bloggers Bloom Day April 15th

Welcome to Plant Exchange participation in “Garden Bloggers Bloom Day.” Garden bloggers across the United States and in other countries post what’s in bloom each 15th day of the month.

Plant Exchange is located in South Dakota on the Northern Plains and is USDA Zone 4-5a in our region. This is what it looks like outdoors. Sun will shine today!


We’re having an unsettled, cool spring so far. Some ash trees are in bloom but daffodils and tulips are delayed here. Snow was forecasted so I photographed our Hellebores in bloom earlier. Now they’re under at least a foot of snow but will survive that well.


Hellebores are perennials that grow in USDA Zone 5a – 8b.  Some members are evergreen. Here they die back and are among the very first greening plant in late winter. Carl Linnaeus described the plant in 1753. Its origins are Asia and Europe.

Hellebores are valued for their very early blooms. The plants and their blooms are frost tolerant, and are called Lenten Rose. They grow well in shade.


These are near the edge of a deciduous woods, and the green or plum colored leaves grow in small mounds the rest of the season for texture after the bloom. We have several of the plants that repeat the color. Deer and rabbits avoid the alkaline leaves. Some gardeners have skin sensitivity to these plants.


Color range of hellebores have increased through hybridization. Now white, yellow, plum, red, pink, green and black flowers are available in single and double form. Some flower heads droop and some are upright.


We’re sure to lots of plants in bloom by next month. Enjoy browsing other topics at Plant Exchange. Do visit us again!

When you’re ready to see what’s in bloom around the nation and elsewhere, just go to Carol Michael’s May Dreams Gardens in Indiana and find her post for April 15th. At the end of her post will be all the garden blogger links, waiting to show you blooms this month. Here’s her link:



3 thoughts on “Garden Bloggers Bloom Day April 15th

  1. Your hellebores are beautiful, especially with the frozen drops of water clinging to the blooms. I did not realize they can easily survive under a foot of snow. That is encouraging to know so I will stop worrying when the weather turns nasty. Well, I feel ashamed for whining so much about the sleet and snow hitting my kitchen window right now. Thanks for the reality check.

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