Gardening Can Be Unpredictable

Welcome to Plant Exchange where we try to garden but it doesn’t always work out!  It’s the middle of April, and the spring weather is unsettled.

Below is an idea which the writer implemented in mid-March. She planted three pots and waited.

Crunchy pod snow peas are a favorite, but getting the garden ready soon enough to plant them is often a challenge. This year I will try planting them in large flower pots with tomato cages to hold the vines upright. In early spring, the pots will be easy to water on the deck. They will be out of reach of four-legged wildlife. Pea harvest will be complete by the end of May, giving space for flowers on the deck. Oregon Sugar Pod 2 and Sugar Ann snap peas are standbys. Avalanche is a compact bush snow pea I will try this season.

So, a month went by. The peas look like this. No germination but they have Mother Nature moisture!


The writer examined a few peas to see if they are germinating. Coats have softened but the seeds still feel firm.  The soil temperature is just entering the range for germination. With the cool spring, this idea may not work! Stay tuned.


But some gardening efforts do work out. These ‘Cool Wave’ pansies have just been transplanted. They grew from seeds and represent one of the first efforts to grow pansies in which the plants have grown enough by spring so that they are ready to set outside! The timing worked.


This ugly duckling cactus has been set behind other plants under a florescent light for months. In April, it has burst into bloom indoors. Anyone recognize this kind of cactus?


This is real life gardening. Not everything works out! Have a happy week!









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