Bring On the Annuals!

We’re attracted to colorful blooms when we visit area greenhouses. We want annuals that fit our color and size interest and match our growing conditions.

Horticulturist Lisa Kortan has been planting annuals as well as other plants for the City of Yankton for years. She selects the flowers that bloom all summer on the main street of Yankton, street boulevards, and city green spaces and parks.

Plants in the full sun with wind exposure that are frequently watered, and maybe given ill-timed care or trampling on occasion, have to be hardy plants to bloom most of the summer. These are the plants that Kortan looks for.

It’s not just the blooms or plants that make the cascading cluster of blooms you see pictured. (Photo courtesy of Lisa Kortan) It’s also potting soil and other factors too, according to Kortan.


She explains more about the growing conditions where she plants, the soil and care of plants, and talks about the varieties that she chooses for this season around Yankton. See the article published in the Yankton Press & Dakotan newspaper here:

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One thought on “Bring On the Annuals!

  1. Most of the areas where we grew annuals about town are now occupied by succulents. It was done to use less water, but they get as much as the annuals used to get.

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