Celebrate June with a Walk in the Garden

Welcome to Plant Exchange! Lots of people who like plants share their experiences growing plants on the Northern Plains here. Of course, the current posts are in the right column. We hope you will find several subjects of your interest in the topics below the postsfrom many who have shared here.

Today’s walk in the garden is to celebrate Natures’ abundance this June day. (If it’s OK with you, I left out photos of out-of-control undesired plants needing work.)

Allium is losing its bloom and shows the long stemmed which dries for use in flower arrangements. In the background is one of the peony bushes in bloom.


Here is the peony up close.


False indigo, a herbaceous shrub, grows nearby. The flowers are a bit like wisteria and dry pods that form later, add to fall floral arrangements.


Pansies, grown from seed, are happily taking in the mild morning. Soon the heat will cause the plants to go dormant or die, but having them display 3 months is amazing this year.


Catmint is an easy perennial that draws pollinators and the herb is not a favorite of rabbits or deer. Catmint is also drought tolerant and actually prefers to dry out some before it receives moisture. Here, the extra rain we have received is great for many plants, but causes the “well” with ring of flowers around.  I’ll prune it, and it the past, it has become mounded in the dryer summer.


Here’s another catmint that I pruned before it started growing this spring. It grows in  soil that is more well drained.


Another perennial peony in bloom.


Poppies have been hard to establish, but this clump has grown three years. Poppies, like peonies, have fragile blooms to be enjoyed today. Poppies are sometimes associated with Memorial Day, in remembrance of those who have passed.


Thank you, kind readers, for all the “Likes” to show us your preferences. Many thanks to loyal “Followers” who see our posts weekly. Happy June day!







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