Garden Bloggers Bloom Day– June 15th

For our Garden Bloggers Bloom Day—June 15th, we walked on a nature trail Lewis & Clark Recreation Area by the Missouri River. It’s in a USDA Zone 4-5a region and summer is approaching here.

Lots of native gray twig dogwood trees are in bloom, especially where the small trees or shrubs are understory or protected by larger trees. Here’s a spot to enjoy the tree and the morning quiet.


This is the dogwood flower close up.


On hilltops by the river, several yuccas have bloomed. Extra moisture this spring is appreciated by all.


Bromegrass blooms early and the plant is quite advantageous where warm season native grasses are being established.


Little bluestem, a native warm season grass, is weeks behind the bromegrass now; a challenge to prairie restoration.


A highlight of the walk is finding wildflowers in bloom.


Native Gooseberry shrubs now have fruit for birds along the path. Some more industrious humans make great jam from native or cultivated gooseberries.


Back from the walk on a June day, mulberry trees have produced mulberry fruit that attract two and four legged feeders. We are among them.


Hope you have time and a favorite spot to enjoy the blooms and fruit of June. Thanks for joining us today at Plant Exchange. Do consider the variety in our weekly posts about plants and people who grow them.

If you’d like to see what’s in bloom around the United States and other countries, garden bloggers are excited to show you. Just go to the June 15thpost of May Dreams Gardens in Indianapolis, Indiana, as your next stop to see blooms that await you. Then at the end of her post, you will find a list of bloggers ready to invite you to celebrate Garden Bloggers Bloom Day. Here’s the link:



4 thoughts on “Garden Bloggers Bloom Day– June 15th

  1. I am so sorry that I missed it this month! I just do not get much time.
    Is that yucca the common Yucca glauca? It does not look familiar, but I know it has a vast range, and probably adapts (and changes appearance) for a variety of environments.)
    Also, is that the native red mulberry?

    • The link and post for Garden Bloggers Bloom Day each 15th of the month can be found later in the month at “May Dreams Gardens” by visiting her post on the 15th. Thanks for mentioning this. Yucca is native of this region and mulberry is naturalized. It’s a volunteer, likely planted by a bird and the white mulberry is more hardy to this region. Others may have a more definative response.

  2. It is truly lovely walking through trails in temperate countries especially because your thickets are not as chaotic as our growths here in the hot tropics. If only it is nearer, i can go on and on visiting those trails. Your finds are so beautiful.

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