A Battle Looms–Preparing for Emerald Ash Borer

States of the region are battling Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) that attacks most kinds of ash trees that grow here. So far, Sioux Falls has a confirmed case of the ash borer. For the rest of South Dakota, the question is how to prepare.

Ash trees are common throughout the region. Whether they’re carefully pruned or missing branches, ash trees have been a beauty and shade staple.


“When we’re done with this epidemic,” Dr. John Ball said, we won’t have ash trees.”

Dr. Ball, South Dakota Forest Health Specialist and S.D. Extension Educator, had some thoughts about how to prepare for the EAB that he presented at the 2018 Midwest Regional Parks and Recreation Conference this spring. His audience included Parks and Recreation professionals from a six-state region. His remarks may be of interest to communities thinking about EAB response, as well as citizens with trees on their properties.

Please go to this link for Dr. Ball’s remarks about preparation for EAB:


Please note the associated article post “Yankton Makes Plans for Emerald Ash Borer” that describes one community’s response.

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