Look in the Greenhouse at Change of Season

Here at Plant Exchange it’s the end of September and this year the first frost could be within a couple of weeks.

Outdoors in this USDA Zone 4-5a region, monarchs and other pollinators are busy gathering nectar in native Agastache, butterfly bush, some zennias, and asters in bloom around the yard.


Soon we need to bring in potted plants that take their summer outdoors. Before we do that, we thought you might like to see what’s growing now in the natural airflow greenhouse.

The air temperature in the greenhouse is 60 degrees F. this morning and will probably reach low 80’s unless it is cloudy later. This growing season turned out mild, so we decided to grow a few plants from transplant to harvest in the greenhouse. We planted tomatoes and sweet peppers here in mid-June. We did have a shade cloth over the greenhouse to reduce heat and light in July and removed it in late August. Usually the summer is hotter and we rest the greenhouse in mid-summer. Patio tomatoes are then brought into the greenhouse about now to complete their season.

Hope you enjoy seeing what we’re up to in the greenhouse in this change of season.

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