More Garden Diaries

These are some “Garden Diaries” or plant ideas being tried and shared by these gardeners of the region: Kathy Jorgensen, Janette Marker, Marlys Hauck-Fenner, Gary Idt, Gary and Cynthia Jensen, and Marilyn Kratz.

Topics include tips for raising sweet potatoes in our region, wonders of easy-to-grow ornamental catmint, propagating and growing prized grapes, living ground covers, propagating woody plants, learning to grow hops, daffodils true to color, Yankton Conservation District as a source for woody plants and perennials, and fallen leaves as a garden resource.

Their Garden Diaries were published in “Plant Exchange” for the Yankton Press & Dakotan newspaper and may be found at the links below.

Catmint cultivars can be part of specimen plantings such as the lower left perennial in this full sun yard. Note the link to Garden Diaries below the photo.


Grapes require pruning and care to flourish in their full sun setting. Propagating a vine presents challenges.


Shade-tolerant living ground covers are an alternative to bare mulch under a tree. Hostas are available in a wide range of sizes, shapes and markings. Note the links to these Garden Diart topics below the photo.


Woody plants such as the tall boxwood, are being used more in containers. Sources of these plants include greenhouses, nurseries and perhaps, the local conservation district.


Sumac, including cultivars such as Tigers Eye, are among first leaves to change color in fall in this region. Once leaves have fallen, they become a resource for gardeners. The link to the last Garden Diary below the photo tells us how.


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