Flowers Attract People

Even in a city without a hurried pace, it’s a challenge to get people to slow down to see a storefront’s display the business offers. Rita Houska doesn’t sell flowers in her store, but the flowers at the front and employee entrances of her business allow her and anyone to see something beautiful as they walk past.  For her, it sets a tone.

Out front, she repurposes cattle watering tanks that are positioned beneath display windows. She includes annuals in the planters that are attractive to her, won’t grow to a size that blocks the window and can be pruned to stay proportional to the container over the season.


Rita and her staff use the back entrance.  Rita says, “People ask me why I put plants in the ally entrance. When you walk into your job, and you see something pretty, it affects your mood.”


See the article that tells more about Rita’s flowers at this link:

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One thought on “Flowers Attract People

  1. That is the theory behind the planter boxes that many towns install in their main downtown shopping districts. I dislike them, but I happen to maintain one, just because I feel that if anyone should, I should.

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