Fall Color in the Yard

It’s the mid-fall pumpkin time of year. Here at Plant Exchange Blog, it’s an excuse to look for color in the yard and enjoy the cinnamon-pepper air.


Our no-special-variety Japanese maple gets to dress in red this year. Sometimes the chill of fall comes too early before the leaves turn. Sunshine and leaves go together.


This young Japanese maple is late for show, but the weather is here. Maybe next year.


Euonymus shrub branches flame in morning light.


The red-orange of the Ohio buckeye / horse chestnut tree could be the color of Fall here.


Extra moisture has been kind to the young aspen. Its paper coin leaves rattle in the prairie breeze.


Norway maple is orange-yellow at this time, leaning toward cooler weather. Plants are so accommodating to growing days, moisture and unpredictable conditions in their sustainability; an admirable quality.


Thanks for visiting Plant Exchange Blog. After focusing on this maple for color, I notice one of our arbor projects awaiting the next step. Just like this season. Even so, maybe you’ll find an excuse to walk around your yard or nearby trail to see how plants display for you.


One thought on “Fall Color in the Yard

  1. Norway maple and Ohio buckeye are two that do nothing like that here. Ohio buckeye might color well, but is not grown here. The native buckeye does not color at all. It gets two phases of foliage annually, and the second phase is quire papery. It just folds up and falls away before anyone notices. Norway maple used to be a popular street tree in San Jose. It does reasonably well here for a maple, but does not thrive. Nor does it color as well as it does where autumn is cooler.

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