What do You do with Your Dream Place?

“I told Jen one time, if the house ever came for sale and if we were able to do it financially, that this house would be a dream,” Andy Holst said. Andy and his wife Jen Holst of Embroidery & Screen Works, Inc.  in Yankton, South Dakota, got the chance. Their home is on the bluffs of the Missouri River. Here’s a view off their back patio.


Their back patio above the river has plenty of space. Jen and Andy colorful pots for flowers, succulents and cacti.


In front, a privacy courtyard allows them another space to relax and enjoy outdoors. Their fence allows gentle breezes in the outdoor space of their California style home.


Clean lines and thriving specimen plants are featured in their foundation plant beds. Andy says that the spiral arborvitae doesn’t require much tending. It contrasts with the Tigers Eye sumac’s relaxed habit.


Andy and Jen were fortunate to have welcoming neighbors; some Andy had known for years. They provided spare hostas and worked together on a common border fence built by a neighbor.


To find out how they made their dream yard and riverside dock their own, please see the link to the article that first appeared in the Yankton Press & Dakotan newspaper:


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