Garden Bloggers Bloom Day November 15th

Welcome to Garden Bloggers Bloom Day. At Plant Exchange Blog on the Northern Plains, we’ve had a little snow, ice, and a morning or two of frozen water on window panes so far in November.

Indoors, camellia, a standard pink Camellia japonica, is in bloom. Shiny dark green leaves and a compact shrub are other features of this plant that blooms in fall outdoors in USDA Zones 7-9, such as parts of the Southeastern United States. Few other plants bloom at this time, so there is less competition for pollinators. A camellia shrub placed in a protected, slightly acidic, well drained soil can live over a hundred years.


Camellias in the photo are grown in containers that are outdoors under a shade tree in summer and indoors fall – spring. Plants receive a little morning direct light in this northern climate.  Camellia acidic fertilizer slightly lowers the pH.

An oakleaf fig is ending its production of figs for the year. The small tree is outdoors in shade in summer. Figs began to appear outdoors and continue indoors, until now.


That’s all that is blooming or fruiting indoors.  Outdoors, there are plenty of plants from last season to continue our interests. Seed pods of yarrow await birds and snowfall this winter.


Native switchgrass nods and distributes seed in the prairie breeze.


Plant Exchange sends a Japanese maple leaf your way for a happy month ahead! Thank you for your visit!


If you’d like to see what other garden bloggers would like to show you this month, please go to May Dreams Gardens at Please look for her November 15thpost, where, at the end, will display all the garden bloggers participating from around the United States and other countries. They’re waiting to show you what else is in bloom. Don’t worry if you’re later than November 15th; just find her post for that date.

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