Local Growers Launch ‘Jensen’s Pririe Kitchen’

Cynthia and Gary Jensen returned to the Yankton area a decade ago and their country acreage is now producing fruits from shrubs, grapevines, fruit trees and a new strawberry bed.


They chose time-tested native choke cherries and Nanking cherries and are trying honeyberries and ‘Jostaberry’ shrubs for their adaptability to the region.


Jensen families live nearby and a grandchild chose an apple and another a pear tree to include in the fruit orchard. They all enjoy lots of specialties from Cynthia’s kitchen.

As fruit yield has increased and diversified, Cynthia and Gary moved their fruit preservation and canning supplies to their basement and “Jensen’s Prairie Kitchen” began. They volunteer and place their jams and jellies and Gary’s woodworking and other items at St. James Marketplace, located along Highway 12 in north central Nebraska.


Fundamental to Cynthia’s work when she prepares her fruits, is a juicer/steamer. Steam from the boiling water pops the fruit hulls and the juice is extracted. Seeds, pulp and skins remain.


The story about Cynthia and Gary’s Jensen’s Prairie Kitchen and how it came to be for these growers is found in this article that appeared recently in the Yankton Press & Dakotannewspaper:


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