Garden Bloggers Bloom Day December 15th

Welcome to our weekly Plant Exchange Blog where we feature plants of the Northern Plain and people who grow them.

This is potted Camellia shrub that lives under a shade tree in summer and provide glossy green evergreen leaves indoors during cooler weather in our USDA Zone 4-5a region. Camellias are often found in the Southeastern United States.


A welcome horticulture feature is that it has a long bloom period during fall or winter. This plant has had blooms since more than a month ago.


Poinsettia is a part of Christmas.


Not in bloom, but a versatile year-round greenery is this English ivy cultivar. New leaves are lime green. A pair of these ivy plants vine on topiaries and make attractive light shade ornamentals by the front door in summer. Since they are potted, they can be moved around where there is winter sun and need for a green touch around the house.


If you’d like to see what other bloggers are waiting to show in bloom, around the United States and in other countries, just go to the May Dreams Gardens link and Carol’s post for December 15th. After you enjoy her post, note the list at the bottom that are lots of others who have flowers to show also. Here’s her link in Indianapolis, Indiana:

Thanks for visiting Plant Exchange Blog to see what’s in bloom on Garden Bloggers Bloom Day. We hope you come back soon!



2 thoughts on “Garden Bloggers Bloom Day December 15th

  1. We grew camellias in the 1990s, japonica, sasanqua and reticulata. Although I am not there now, the farm continues to grow more than back then. They are popular in landscapes, but are not grown as potted houseplants.
    Incidentally, that ivy is English ivy. It is evergreen. Boston ivy is deciduous, and very colorful in autumn, but probably would not be happy inside.

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