A Change at the Nurseries

We celebrate this year at Plant Exchange Blog with a story about a grown son, Mike Gurney, who chooses to come back to his home town to try the family horticulture business. His family name is associated with his grandfather five generations ago, who brought knowledge about how to grow apple and other fruit trees to Nebraska and nearby states in the late 1800’s. Gurney Seed Company was established in Yankton, South Dakota and Mike’s forefathers built on their plant skill heritage.

Mike’s parents created Yankton Nurseries, LLC, that today serves the region with bedding plants and other annuals, perennials, trees, shrubs, Christmas holiday plants, and a garden and accessories store.


Mike joins his father Jay in the family business.


As with family nurserymen past, each has his own interests with plants. One of Mike’s favorites at this time, is succulents. He likes their versatility of uses, low maintenance, and chance for creativity in combining kinds of succulents for the home or office.


In this video, Mike shows you why he likes to collect succulents.

This video doesn’t exist

The article that tells more about Mike’s interest to return to Yankton is found at this link where it was published in the Yankton Press & Dakotan newspaper:


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