Up a Tree

How did a windstorm and teen independence result in a creative family landscape solution?

A windstorm downed major limbs by the family home in Holland, Michigan. The tree, right by the house, required unsightly pruning to remain safe for the house. That was an unacceptable eyesore for the landscape designer who lived there. Something had to be done.

The teen son, who also had a flair for design, suggested a new way for him to have some independence while living at home and deal with the tree problem. Independence had been an ongoing subject of discussion.


The family worked together. Now the son sleeps in his new treehouse bedroom from his and his mother’s design. He listens to his favorite music as he likes there. He shows up at the family dinner table in the main home for meals and to interact about the day. The treehouse design resulted in creative buzz for the landscape designer that offset the difference in cost of simply removing the tree. Their design adds creativity to their yard.


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One thought on “Up a Tree

  1. um . . . . no.
    That is just too weird, and the now dead tree will rot within only a few years. If the tree regenerates, it can be pruned out from underneath to grow up and over, but it will take some work.

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