Elements of a Welcoming Home Entrance

How do we create more inviting front entrances for our homes? Let’s tour the front entrance of Andy and Jen Holst to see how they applied their creativity to making their front entrance welcoming. Their yard was a part of the Master Gardener garden tour last summer. Their yard in Yankton has an intimate front courtyard and their back yard opens onto an expansive bluff view of the Missouri River.

Natural and pruned plantings with color and leaf variety are positioned at the curb and driveway entrance to the yard.


Well irrigated and maintained plants attract the visitor’s attention. A yard ornament adds detail.


Blooms attract a lot of attention. Necessary utility boxes are disguised in grasses.


Their driveway is prominent and convenient for visitors. To counter the cement and courtyard fence, they added repeating plants for the walk up toward their entrance gate.


Annual fountain grasses move in the river breeze and muted sedum plays against the purple grass.


The tall gate entrance is highlighted with a pair of potted palms and bold flowers.


Andy welcomes you to walk up the driveway to their front entrance in this video.

This video doesn’t exist

More on Andy and Jen’s front entrance creativity is found in this article from Yankton Press & Dakotan newspaper:


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2 thoughts on “Elements of a Welcoming Home Entrance

  1. Many years ago, when agaves were trendy, designers too often paired them to flank a doorway, gate or steps to a porch. Of course, they grew too big, and impaled visitors. Soft palms are so much better.

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