Garden Bloggers Bloom Day Feb 15th

Welcome to Plant Exchange Blog at USDA Zone 4-5a. In mid-February, It’s 5 degrees F. today, cloudy, with a chance of snow. Indoors the herbaceous perennial African violet has had continuous blooms for the past month.


The African violet genus Saintpauliahas about 20 species and is not a violet. It originated in the tropics of Tanzania and was named after an official in that country. Most African violets have been grown from leaf cuttings rather than seed. While African violets are easy care plants, the houseplants are sensitive to temperature changes and grow better away from windows in this region.

Outdoors, some snow disappears, even on cold days. The nearby large lake water is frozen. Ice fishing is one of the winter sports.


Water at lake edge is shown to expand when it freezes. With a little imagination, waves appear to have flash frozen in mid splash.


Thanks for visiting Plant Exchange Blog on Garden Bloggers Bloom Day. We hope to have indoor bulbs in bloom soon. Please note other topics here and do come by again. If you’d like to see what’s in bloom around the United States and in other countries, just go to Carol’s link in Indiana below. Find her post for February 15thand at the end, you’ll see all the blogger sites waiting to show you blooms. Here’s the link:


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