Add to Enjoyment With Plants

Evergreens planted so you can see them from indoors, like this upright mugo pine Pinus mugo ‘Tannenbaum’, are a pleasing contrast on a snowy day.  Today we’ll consider a few common indoor plants that flourish in enough sunlight on the Northern Plains.


Boston fern stays full and green in a Southern exposure. It receives a quarter turn at each weekly watering and is divided every two years.


Indirect light is a more available light source in most homes, and other fern-like and vining plants tolerate less light.


Dried plants such as Allium have a place indoors, paired with an ivy in indirect light.


This terrarium is less than a foot tall but the close up shows the ferns inside, with the humidity ferns prefer. It receives indirect light.


Bromeliads flower under proper conditions but will serve as a low maintenance and slow-growing house plant that can tolerate indirect light and fluctuating indoor conditions in winter.


Whether we see evergreens out the window or enjoy them room to room indoors, plants add to daily enjoyment without much input. See you next week at Plant Exchange Blog.




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