Garden Bloggers Bloom Day April 15th

Welcome to arrested bloom development in South Dakota at Plant Exchange Blog. We’ve had a few warm spring days and the first pollinators have enjoyed Hellebores or Lenten Rose. Recent snow and freezing temperatures slowed the insects more than these hardy blooms.


Daffodils are yet to bloom.


Digging out from over 10 inches of snow on Friday, we noticed the snow cap on the newly planted container of annual pansies.


Now, three days later, we’ll pinch off the blooms as the plants recover and the cold-tolerant plants will show us more spring color.


If you didn’t notice the Plant Exchange Blog post just before this one, it’s a chance to see fully developed spring at the gardens at the U. S. White House before their garden tour last weekend, courtesy of the local Washington, D.C. TV Station, KTUU.

Thanks for visiting Plant Exchange Blog on the Northern Plains! We anticipate more spring days ahead!

If you’d like to see what’s in bloom around the United States and other countries, garden bloggers are waiting to show you. Just go to Carol’s May Dreams Gardens in Indianapolis for her April 15thpost. At the end of it you’ll see many garden bloggers ready to show you blooms where they live. Here’s the link:


3 thoughts on “Garden Bloggers Bloom Day April 15th

  1. Ten inches of snow is a good reminder of why I stay on the West Coast . . . . although I have no more daffodils left to look forward to. they should have been deadheaded by now.

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