Garden Bloggers Bloom Day May 15th

Spring has arrived at Plant Exchange Blog in South Dakota! Pelicans have migrated north and songbirds are everywhere. In our USDA Zone 4-5a region, we may have encountered the last frost to start the season.

Wild native plums are quite showy in early mornings and evenings these days.



New leaves dress trees and shrubs like this Japanese maple.



First blossoms appear on young crabapple trees.



In the chill of early morning, pollinators that enjoy the buckeye x horse chestnut tree blossoms haven’t arrived yet.



Trillium’s in bloom at the edge of the woods.



Bleeding heart flowers in light shade.


Virginia bluebells greet the day.


Grape hyacinth rises from last fall’s planting.



Redbuds accent new growth.



Lilacs, a Midwestern sign of spring, are blooming bouquets for all to enjoy.


Thank’s for the chance to share Spring together. Please do consider visiting us again. Thanks for all the “Likes” you send our way. We appreciate our loyal “Followers”. See you  next week!

If you’d like to visit others waiting to show you what’s in bloom around the United States and in other countries, the next stop is Carol in Indiana. At the May Dreams Gardens link below, go to her May 15th post and after you enjoy her flowers, you will see a list of other bloggers waiting to show you their flowers. Enjoy!


3 thoughts on “Garden Bloggers Bloom Day May 15th

  1. Those are so rad, especially the lilacs! They are uncommon here. I participated in this meme only a few times, but could not continue. I don’t know if I will be back to it.

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