What It Takes to Grow

Brandon Wagner is the teacher for a new horticulture class at Yankton High School. He wanted his students to learn about plants and have direct experience in how plants grow.

A newly constructed automated greenhouse and seed germinating chamber gave Wagner and his students a chance to learn about the fundamentals of growing plants.

Students needed to find out some plants that grow in this USDA Zone 4-5a growing region. They looked up plants being offered at retail sites online and began to choose annual plant seeds to consider growing. They thought about uses for the plants they grew. They learned about how far ahead to plant so as to have transplants by the end of school.

A new seed germination chamber was a help in keeping soil and germinating seeds moist until the young plants were ready to grow in the greenhouse. Students learned about operating temperature and water reserves for the germinating chamber. Soon some plants were mature enough to grow in the greenhouse.


They prepared flats for planting other plants in the greenhouse. Along the way they learned the parts of the automated greenhouse and how to operate them. Since it is a new greenhouse, Wagner and the students are learning how to calibrate controls, set timing for automatic watering and air exchange.


To find out more about Wagner, some of his community service, and his students’ new horticulture class, see the link below.


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