Regional Plant-Related Event

Loess Hills Wild Ones

Sioux City, Iowa area

 Next event is June 30 at Mount Talbot State Preserve to see what’s growing and blooming that day. Wear sturdy walking shoes, dress for the weather, and bring your own water. The entrance to Mount Talbot State Preserve is located on an ungraveled section of Talbot Road. Meet at 2 p.m. near the Memorial Drive (east) entrance to Stone State Park at the horse trailer parking lot on Talbot Road. We will carpool, driving north on Talbot Road to Mount Talbot State Preserve, if conditions allow. It can be nearly impassable if muddy, so if there has been recent rain, we will likely visit Sioux City Prairie instead. (This event is also sponsored by Iowa Native Plant Society and Friends of Stone Park.)

We’ll have a Members Only event on July 20: garden tours, a prairie walk/ride, and ice cream social at Elisa’s and Dotty’s places near Westfield. Members will receive details in early July. If you’re not yet a member, please join! Visit; we recommend joining as a Household at the Wild level ($40/year). Be sure to select “IA-Loess Hills” as your chapter.

Let us know what’s happening with your native plants and send us your photos to feature on our Facebook page!

Loess Hills Wild Ones

Healing the Earth one yard at a time.




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