Celebrate Summer with Pollinators

Long days of summer are here! We also celebrate National Pollinator Week. We care about a pollinator-friendly environment. Here are three concrete ways we can make choices to benefit pollinators:

  1. Provide food for pollinators. Include a variety of tree or shrub, perennial and annual flowers you have seen attracting butterflies and bees in your yard from spring – fall. This will ensure they have nectar and pollen. If you want to find out what native plants are especially compatible for pollinators at your zip code, go to this website for information: pollinator.org
  2. Consider leaving a brush pile when you do yard clean up in spring or fall—pollinator homes!
  3. Aim for pesticide-free gardening. These are a few: Look for organic alternatives such as hand picking and a can of soapy water, Neem oil, frequent plant inspections that decrease the volume of pesticides used, and find planting times when pests aren’t as numerous such as beans planted in early July.

We all can benefit our pollinators locally and see the rewards.



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