Garden Bloggers Bloom Day – August 15th

Welcome to Garden Bloggers Bloom Day for August 15th at Plant Exchange Blog. Whenever you decide to visit, we’ll have our blooms ready for you to see.

We’re on the Northern Plains in a USDA Zone 4-5a region. Past two weeks have been mild with occasional rain. For mid-August we’d usually expect hot and dry sunny days.

Some of our annual plants respond well to these conditions, while in-ground perennials  that require less moisture struggle as they compete against them. Weeding tools get a work out.

For this month at Plant Exchange Blog, we feature annual container plants. These patio sunflowers are grown from seed and have just begun to flower. Short stalks are a pleasing height for the container and hold up well in windy conditions on the deck.


A friend talked about not forgetting to give container plants haircuts in mid-season. This pot was trimmed two weeks ago and is already beginning to bloom again.


Vining plants are a challenge to grow to maturity within the growing season here. These black-eyed Susan vining annuals were started indoors from seed. The small wooden topiary was quickly covered by growth and flowers have been blooming a month.


One of the vegetables in containers on the deck is a planter of lunch box size sweet peppers. They’ve just started to bloom and have one pepper that is still green so far.


Smaller height mounding zinnias make great borders in the garden but continue the mounding habit when planted in containers. These plants were started by direct seeding in the container in late June and have been blooming a couple of weeks.


Nasturtiums aren’t blooming yet but the variegated leaves add interest in the meantime. They were also planted direct seed in the container in late June.


For many annuals, this is a fine growing season. Thank you for visiting Plant Exchange Blog so we may share them with you. Do look around at other posts or topics if you wish. Do come back!

When you’re ready and want to see what garden bloggers around the United States and in other countries would like to show you, just go to the link below. Carol in Indianapolis, Indiana is waiting to show you her “May Dreams Gardens” post for August 15th. At the end of her post, you will see a list of bloggers waiting to show you what’s in bloom now. I’ll be there too. Happy summer day!


3 thoughts on “Garden Bloggers Bloom Day – August 15th

  1. So much love and care for plants is visible in your beautiful pictures 🙂 🙂
    Never knew sunflower can bloom so well with small stems also. I have always seen them in the fields with tall stems.

  2. Black eyed Susan vine is commonly known as clock vine (which is actually a different species) here. I don’t argue anymore. It sort of makes me wonder though. How did Susan get her black eye. Did she get clocked?

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