Nasturtiums for Flowers and Food

Nasturtiums grow flowers and foliage until frost. You can start with a packet of seeds, grow them and enjoy their beauty, and end up with seeds for next year.

They’re as easy to grow as lightly covering Alaska Mix nasturtium seeds with potting soil in a container and watering when the soil surface is dry.


Nasturtium blooms stay fresh as cut flowers and the mottled leaves add artistic flair to the bouquet.


Blooms and leaves are edible and contribute color and texture garnish to a relish plate of fresh garden vegetables. Leaves can be included in salad greens. The taste is similar to black pepper.

Nasturtiums respond to dead heading with more blooms. Trimming plants in mid-season keeps a container of nasturtiums proportional to the planter. Seeds from dry vines of nasturtiums may be air dried and saved for planting next year.

We’re so fortunate to have such beautiful and easy to grow plants around us. Thanks for visiting Plant Exchange Blog!

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