Garden Bloggers Bloom Day September 15th

Welcome to Garden Bloggers Bloom Day! September in this USDA Zone 4-5a region on the Northern Plains has been wetter and cooler than average. Annuals respond well to those conditions, especially zinnias in our flowerbeds and in bouquets.


Perennial Echinacea cone flowers have had a long bloom season.


Black-eyed Susan vine continues to bloom on hot, dry days on the driveway and on cooler days.


Window box plants have been trimmed twice this season, but the Coleus, impatiens and variegated filler still look fresh after four months.


Perennial Caryopteris shrub attracts pollinators and adds fall color.


It’s a beautiful time of year to enjoy all the variety in bloom. We at Plant Exchange Blog invite you to see other flower and vegetable topics.

When you’re ready to look at plants in bloom around the United States and in other countries, go to Carol Michel’s “May Dreams Gardens” for her September 15thpost. At the end of it, you will see a list of other garden bloggers ready to show you their flowers at this link:




2 thoughts on “Garden Bloggers Bloom Day September 15th

  1. Did impatiens have difficulty with that nasty mildew in your region? We could not get the for quite a while because no one would grow them. When we got some last spring, I was surprised that they were suddenly available, and concerned that they would mildew. They actually did just as well as they always had. I do not know if they are a newer variety that is more resistant to the disease.

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