Flower Photo Keepsakes

It’s Fall at Plant Exchange Blog! Just the time of season to savor flowers in the yard, admire their beauty and perhaps photograph a few to see the rest of the year.

Tim Schreiner of Vermillion likes flowers is a South Dakota Master Gardener Intern and a professional photographer by trade.

We invite him to share his ideas on how to take quality flower photos that you want to keep. He shares his coneflower photo and encourages you to move in close as you would for a portrait of a person. He suggests that you check the light to show the flower to its best effect and leave the background out of focus.


I tried his suggestions with one of the favorite sunflowers. I could have been a bit closer to also see a couple of pollinators better.


See the article he wrote that appeared in “Plant Exchange” for the Yankton Press & Dakotan newspaper at the link below.


More of Schreiner’s work at his website: www.timschreiner.photography

Thanks for visiting Plant Exchange Blog, where we feature plants of the Northern Plains and people who grow them. We’re glad you stopped by!




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