Garden Bloggers Bloom Day- October 15th

Fall can be short-lived on the Northern Plains, so we enjoy the good days like today. Lewis & Clark Recreation Area on the Missouri River is a fine place for a stroll.

Prominent lime cliffs are a signature along the river at the park, so plants and stonework at the entrance to the park reflect what you might find here. Now mature native grasses and spent wildflower heads move in prairie breezes.


Maples are turning red but the tall, soon to be golden Siouxland cottonwood trees are still green.


Plots of mixed native grasses show their muted colors against turfgrass.


Feather plumes decorate this plot of native Indian grass.


Smooth sumac is red, with burnished seed heads are tempting treats for migrating birds. There’s much more to see this fall. It’s just begun. Let’s breathe it all in.


Thanks for your visit to Plant Exchange Blog in celebration of Garden Bloggers Bloom Day. Do come back!  No matter when you visit if you’d like to see what’s going on in gardens around the United States and in other countries, just go now to May Dreams Gardens and find her October 15th post.

Then after you have enjoyed her plants of Indianapolis, Indiana, at the end of her post are all the gardeners waiting to show you their sites.


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