Garden Bloggers Bloom Day– November 15th

Welcome to Plant Exchange Blog on the Northern Plains, USDA zone 4b-5a. High temperature on this sunny day is expected to be under 60 degrees F and below freezing tonight. We’ve had the first snowfall. Tree leaves are discolored, dry and are falling. Indoors, our houseplants supply welcome green.

Potted Camellia japonicas are in full bloom. If they were planted outdoors in USDA zone 7-9, they would be in bloom. After more than a month of blooms, the shiny evergreen leaves continue to brighten the home.


Other plants of different hues of green and leaf shape complement the potted Camellias.


The tall Fiddlehead fig houseplant adds vertical interest in the room. Because the growing plant reached the ceiling months ago, the plant was shortened. The upper section stem that was removed was placed in water to see if it would root and now roots have begun to appear.


While the former houseplants are perennials, these edible potted sweet peppers are annual plants started from seed. They grew and produced outdoors this season and now continue to bloom and grow the snack size peppers.


Houseplants give us blooms, green when it’s brown or white outside, add to room décor, and may even provide edible produce. Wherever we live, houseplants need adequate sunlight. In our region, a south-facing window for some direct light for most houseplants is a plus. Houseplants, for the good they do, don’t require much input. Just water when the soil below the pot surface is dry and fertilize when the plant grows in spring.  A site that gives general guidelines on what houseplants need is blog post on “How to grow houseplants.”

Thanks for your visit to Plant Exchange Blog. If you’d like to see what other garden bloggers show you in bloom in these days, please next consider going to Carol Michel’s May Dreams Gardens’ post for November 15th. At the end of her post, please note the bloggers from around the United States and in other countries at this site:







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