Before We Forget Colors of Autumn

Fall color plants can be the high point of the growing season. Annuals that were stars all summer, disappear with frost, leaving space for cold-tolerant plants to take center stage. Some are easy to grow.

One of many plants that display color in fall in this region is the hardy chrysanthemum. It’s a perennial commonly available that grows well once established and lightly maintained for many years.

Krystal and Jed Diedrichsen’s green lawn was accented with head-turning mums this fall. Their yard was highlighted in the Missouri Valley Master Gardener’s Yard and Garden Tour earlier in summer. In June, during the tour, annuals near their front door drew front yard attention. The mums were small green mounds at that time.

By fall, the swath of bold mums drew the eye and the plants near the door entrance complimented them. These chrysanthemums refreshed the appearance of their yard.


Krystal Diedrichsen discusses the mums and their care in the article that appeared in the Yankton Press & Dakotan newspaper this fall. Here’s the link:

Now is a great time to think about the fall colors of the recent season. Several plant magazines feature plants suitable for the region that feature fall color. Fine Gardening and Horticulture magazines are available at the Yankton Community Library for browsing.

What are your favorite fall plants that grow well in your region?

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One thought on “Before We Forget Colors of Autumn

  1. chrysanthemums and marigolds get planted late here, but also last later than they do in other climates. Marigolds were only recently removed, after this was posted here. I do happen to like both chrysanthemums and marigolds, even though they do not last as long as warm season or cool season annuals.

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