The Plots Thicken

Pollinator plots continue at Lewis & Clark Recreation Area after challenging weed and weather issues of the past five years.

Shane Bertsch, District Park Supervisor at Lewis & Clark Recreation Area and Dale Dawson, Conservation Foreman there, planned and implemented large wildflower and native grass pollinator plots at the park entrance.

Wildflowers such as these bloomed in June 2018 but were overtaken by aggressive weeds in July.



Weeds necessitated a pollinator plot start over with native grasses that currently comprise the three-plus acres at the park entrance. Plans to add areas of wildflowers are in the works for next season.


Elsewhere at the park, stands of native grasses are being established. One area is at the end of Gavins Point Trail. Management steps learned from other areas of the park have helped this maturing stand of mid-height native grasses.


The article about Bertsch and Dawson’s plans for wildflower and native grass pollinator plots at the park appeared recently in Yankton Press & Dakotan newspaper and can be found at this link:

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