Garden Bloggers Bloom Day January 15th

Welcome to Plant Exchange Blog, USDA Zone 4b-5a, on the Northern Plains. It’s 10 degrees F. this morning with prairie breezes, brief snow showers, and an occasional ground blizzard.

Indoors it’s warm and sunny. Our growing amaryllis is a promise of spring just as we near the midpoint of winter. Once blooming, it responds well to available sunlight.


Assuming general care for this growing bulb is provided, I have learned that bulb energy storage from the year before impacts the quality of these blooms. This bulb was purchased from White Flower Farms. Care they provided the plant last year is not evident when you buy the bulb. Finding companies with reputations for quality control is one way to increase the odds of beautiful results. Another way is to learn how to continue the care of the plant after bloom in readiness for next year. Not there yet.

Potted camellias continue to bloom and energize a room in winter with dark green shiny leaves.


The camellia blooms last about a week as cut flowers in a vase. Here they float in a bowl of water for display.


Another camellia produces fewer, but beautiful blooms.


Camellia shrubs, center, add contrast in leaf size and shape to the fiddleleaf fig and Boston fern in this indoor plant grouping.


We hope you are having a warm, sunny day as well. Thanks for visiting our Plant Exchange Blog!

If you’re ready to find out what Carol Michel has in bloom in Indiana, go to the link below on her January 15th post. At the end of her post, see many other bloggers from around the United States and in other countries that would like to show you what’s in bloom there. No worries if you are days late, we’re still there. Do enjoy!
















6 thoughts on “Garden Bloggers Bloom Day January 15th

  1. You live far from us, but it is fun seeing what grows is your area! We farm and garden here in the Shenandoah Valley of VA. You are invited to check out my blog at:

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