Bouquet of Ideas

It’s a snowy day at Plant Exchange Blog. The kind of day to think about the yard and flowerbeds for next season and enjoy a peony bouquet of ideas.


Below is a suburban city lot in the Midwest. The homeowner skillfully created a soil berm in the flat yard that displays all the flowerbed plants with the incline. Perennial plants chosen for the site don’t have to be replaced each year and grow slowly over time. These choices reduce planting and trimming maintenance. They may have followed a plan so that plants have adequate space. The plants grow in a full sun, hot summer yard. The homeowner probably talked with the local nursery to find the right plants for the right place.


On the house side of this berm, along a path that leads to the backyard is a whimsey of fairy garden detail and personal stamp. With children around, the display probably changes with their imaginations at work.


Not shown in this yard but a plus in the northern climate is the addition of evergreens to the flowerbed to define its structure, especially after deciduous trees and shrubs drop leaves and grasses are flattened by snow.

Each year consider adding more flowerbed space to accommodate more ideas. Leave room for something new each year to maintain interest.

Be sure to include something that blooms in early spring and something that blooms in fall. These add anticipation and lengthen the time of enjoyment of the flowerbed each season. Inspiration for these ideas came from

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