Indoor Plant Nursery

On a snowy day in January, come thoughts of growing hardy flower or vegetable seedlings ready to plant outdoors in late May.


With the last frost date about mid-May in this Northern Plains region, there’s no rush now to get seeds into the growing medium. In fact, if the results you remember from the last seed starting effort was tall, spindly plants with few leaves, the chance for better results is starting most annual vegetable and many flower seeds in March.

Now is a good time to find basics for growing seeds indoors. A height-adjustable shop light with florescent bulbs over a table is one arrangement. For a dedicated plant stand to grow plants until you transplant them outdoors, Ariana Terry of Yankton has practical ideas. She uses wire shelving, fluorescent lights, and reflective insulation to promote even temperatures and add light to the plant nursery.


See her tips for a plant nursery in this article that appears in the Yankton Press & Dakotan newspaper:

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