Your Flowers for the Season

If you like to grow flower starter plants or think about your first greenhouse selections, seed catalogs are helpful as you plan for the new season.  We all have inclinations with color and foliage. Part of the fun with plants is making your choices.

At Plant Exchange Blog, you might guess we like yellow flowers. These ‘Sunray Yellow’ sunflowers are about three feet tall and bloom almost a month in containers on the deck.


‘Pow Wow’ Echinacea is a perennial in this region that seems to recur almost as well as the native coneflower.


Woodland Nicotiana, the tall white flower behind the zinnias, give the flowerbed large leaves, as well as height.


Other Nicotianas are less than two feet tall and add aroma and color.


‘Rubenza’ Cosmos are airy and light and repeat a color in the flowerbed. Cosmos are available in many colors.


‘Texas’ Salvia may withstand hot and dry summers.


Black-eyed Susan Vines come in a variety of colors and with support, will add height in a container or in-ground.


All the plants mentioned above were grown from starter seeds at home to maturity within the season last year. What are some flowers you plan to include in your new season?

One thought on “Your Flowers for the Season

  1. Hey, I just featured the clock vine from a few years ago. It is like the black eyed Susan vine, and blooms sporadically whenever it wants to. Otherwise, I don’t think any of the flowers you featured are blooming here, although some salvias are getting started. We are still on winter flowers here. Some narcissus and daffodils are late this year, so may last until spring! That would be nice.

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