Garden Bloggers Bloom Day February 15th

Welcome to Plant Exchange Blog! We’re USDA Zone 4-5a on the Northern Plains, currently emerging from yesterday’s frigid Arctic winds. Before noon the temperature is above freezing and may climb to 40 degrees F. Not bad for mid-February.

The vase of roses in bloom is from a celebration of Valentine’s Day.


No other blooms in site here, we went for a walk at Lewis & Clark Recreation Area, to possibly see signs of spring. The state park is in offseason and we are the only ones around. Sure enough, the eagle’s nest from last spring is occupied again! It’s in the top of a tall Siouxland cottonwood tree; a favorite kind of tree for an eagle’s massive nest.


Right away the bald eagle stands up and takes flight, soaring around the park. Small mammals are some of its food, as well as fish in the open water below the Missouri River dam.


Soon the eagle returns and appears to settle in for the warm sun that we also enjoy.


The river will stay frozen above the dam for another month or so but becomes unpredictable for travel on the ice. We don’t see anyone ice fishing today.


Closer, the edge of the water appears as if flash-frozen waves at spots along the shore.


An oriole’s nest from last year stands out until next season’s leaves give it cover.


We turn and walk back with the cold breeze in our faces and spot a maple tree with buds, ready to start Nature’s season when it’s time.


Thank you for visiting us today. Hats off to loyal “Followers” and all those who send “Likes” our way when they enjoy the topic. Do look around our posts if you wish.

When you’re ready to see flowers at Carol Michael’s May Dreams Gardens in Indiana, go to her February 15th post. At its end, you will find many bloggers waiting to show you flowers in bloom where they live. Enjoy! Here’s the link:






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