New Houseplant Now

If you’d like easy-care, low-input indoor plants to add greenery to your living space, consider succulents. These Echeveria succulents are fleshy plants that found naturally in dry conditions in well-drained soil.


Succulents are available now in nurseries and big box stores. They grow slowly, retaining their design shape so that little trimming is needed. Plants were placed in this planter about three months ago as a centerpiece for the dining table. Plant height is no barrier for conversations across the table.

Succulents can remain healthy with the indirect and short duration direct sun that is commonly found indoors in room temperature in this region in winter. Potting soil works well as a planting medium. If the mixture has fertilizer added, don’t add more for several months. Water only as the soil is dry about an inch below soil surface. Leggy succulents are commonly over-fertilized and watered for the available sunlight.

What are your favorite succulents? How do you decorate with them?

2 thoughts on “New Houseplant Now

  1. Two common houseleeks that went into my downtown planter box are now HUGE. When it gets thinned or pruned, the pieces get left in a bag next to the planter box for the adjacent merchant to give to whomever wants some. It is nothing fancy, but it is my favorite there because it is so prominent.

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