Beginning Good-Bye to Winter

Good-byes to winter begin. Yesterday the force of extreme prairie breezes lifted stocking caps and waves pushed blocks of ice onto shore at Lewis & Clark Lake on the Missouri River.

It’s 40 degrees F. and much calmer today. We go for a walk at Lewis & Clark Recreation Area, USDA 4-5a. Much too soon for the first green haze of deciduous trees, evergreens supply our promise of green spring.


Snow piles are sad and deflated as leftover holiday inflatables.


Ponds remain partially frozen.


Today is blue sky and open blue water on the river, but wave marks remain from yesterday’s wind.


When trees are brown, the lichens can star.


Native grasses weathered winter snow blankets and remain upright!


Evergreen pine looks so inviting for campers soon to visit.


Pruning and cleanup will dress up the new season.


Trees, ever optimistic, adjust to changes ahead.


Thanks for visiting Plant Exchange Blog. Do you have a good-bye to winter comment?


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